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AUG Consulting
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At AUG Consulting, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. The customer comes first. We guarantee realistic, honest financial advice that achieves results.

With our advice your finances are in good hands. Leave the complicated matters to us. With a focused team we are able to respond quickly to your financial questions. We have developed innovative techniques to solve your financial issues.

We are not just a firm that works with large corporations, we are here to help the individuals and small businesses. Unlike at other firms, every client is our most important client. We specialize in working with small businesses because we not only help the small business, but we also work with the owners, executives, and employees of those businesses and help them improve their financial situation. We customize each plan so that you put in the amount of work that you want to.

Some of our clients like to be very involved with their finances, so we work with them in that regard, and our experts teach them what they need to know so that they feel they have a strong understanding of their finances. Other clients simply want someone else to handle everything for them. We are great at customizing your plan to meet your needs.

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What are our clients are saying about us?

We have been working with AUG Consulting for couple months now, and they has been very helpful and responsive to assist us in various cases. The support given is beyond expectation. I'd definitely recommend AUG for your business.

AUG - Benny Fajarai

Benny Fajarai

CEO & Co-Founder, Qlapa.com

Tidak terasa sudah hampir 8 tahun AUG mendampingi perusahaan kami, terima kasih untuk team AUG yang telah senantiasa memberikan kami perhatian, bimbingan, dan solusi. Salam Sukses.

Jeffry & Desi

Business Owner

Memilih AUG Consulting sebagai finance consultant perusahaan saya adalah keputusan yang sangat tepat. Saya mendapatkan pengarahan, bantuan, dan perlayanan dari segi finance yang sangat memuaskan. Pak Adrian dan Pak Ardian adalah sosok kompeten dan sangat mengerti banyak hal dari sisi finance sampai kepada investment. Thank you AUG Consulting for the guidance and the excellent service.

Mandy Purwa Hartono

Marketing Director, Purwadhika (www.purwadhika.com)

AUG have been a delight to work with - the team really put in the effort to go to the extra mile to help us achieve our goals and do so with an exceptional level of customer service.

AUG - Pajie Terrell

Paije Terrell

Head of Operations, Xendit (www.xendit.co)

Good service with fast respond. Professionally handle every situation and always on time for deadline.

AUG - William Rumanouw

William Rumanouw

Business Owner


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Adrian Utama Gani

Adrian Utama Gani

Managing Director
Deffi Meliana Kurniati - Senior Associate

Deffi Meliana Kunarti


Nesya Angelline

Junior Associate
Cusanti - Junior Associate AUG


Junior Associate
Fresy Cornelis - Junior Associate AUG

Fresy Cornelis

Junior Associate
Veneza Vega - Junior Associate AUG

Veneza Vega

Junior Associate

Ivena Leonardi

Junior Associate
Nadya Kalchensky Viorita - Junior Associate

Nadya Kalchensky Viorita

Junior Associate
Mega Oktavia - Junior Associate

Mega Oktavia

Junior Associate
Yunita - Junior Associate


Junior Associate


Corporate Secretary

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